Unlimited Tandoor Platter on week nights

AED 39/- only

Unlimited Breakfast on weekends

AED 18/- only

Signature Dishes

Bamboo Biryani

The Bamboo Biryani, cooked and served in a bamboo trunk overwhelms with its superior flavour. The aroma that follows when the server pushes out the mouthwatering dish is truly something to behold, as bamboo and coconut tones waft out.


Freshly fried roti made of rice. Voted as one of our best dishes by everyone who has tasted it. A recipe straight from the kitchen of our grandmother.

Coco Malai

A perfect dessert to wind up an enchanting meal at Masala. Tender coconut has never tasted better. Best enjoyed within the homely atmosphere of our restaurants.

Masalabay Specials
Masalabay Specials
Masalabay Specials

About Us

Masala Bay is all about our love for genuine food, passionately served in a enjoyable ambience. We want to exceed your expectations while adhering to family traditions that goes back generations. Many of our dishes are handpicked from the kitchens of our forefathers and we take pride in serving it with innate passion. Masala Bay is not just about healthy food. It’s about friendly smiles, prompt service and on time deliveries. Most importantly, it’s about great memories.

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